About Us


Tan is an immigrant in united states, during May , 2018 to September,2018 were dating crystal who was a student in university Lincoln Nebraska, meanwhile tan was working is Kansas city Missouri, they are 3 hours away by drive, but at that time Tan didn't have a car, everytime he went to visit crystal need take the bus, which is painful, first financial pain its very expensive the ticket, from Kansas city Missouri to Lincoln Nebraska one way the ticket is around 100 dollor, second emotional pain the bus always get delayed sometime even get cancelled without any explanation don't even mention any compensation about the delay, even though some times no delay but the 3 hours journey the bus will took 7 to 9 hours, since the bus don't travel directly always with stops and detour, given on the awful travel experience with the bus company, it was on the road when Tan noticed the sheer number of people driving alone between those neighbouring cities. It hit him that all those empty seats in existing cars could be the beginning of a new travel network as well as parcel delivery network. From October 25, 2018 , together with other co-founders and team of programmers , Tanpool inc took this simple idea and built it into the America’s leading intercity carpooling and parcel delivery service platform, connecting millions of people going the same way. sending millions of packages, helping people save time save money with a better travel experience in their journey.