How it works

Need to travel or need send a parcel?

-Find a ride or a parcel delivery service with an ID verified trusted driver, save money save time in your journey.

1.1.find a ride

Just input your departure point address and your destination address and time, search, then choose a ride that works best for you

1.2 find a parcel delivery service

Just input your parcel's ship from and ship to address, when, parcel details and contact information ,search then choose a service that works for you best from the results.

2. Book and pay online

book and pay for your seat or parcel delivery service. Once you do, you’ll have the driver’s phone number to get in touch.

If a driver cancels, we’ll refund you according to our cancellation policy

3. Travel together

Enjoy the journey with less expense and better travel experience, and don't forget to leave a feedback of the trip and a rating to the driver

Have empty seats?

-Offer a ride to passengers or a parcel delivery service

Share your empty seats with ID verified trusted passengers or fill your empty space with no harmful package to save your cost of the journey.

1.Offer a ride or offer a parcel delivery service or both

Just input your pick up and drop off address and when, you have the option to select if you want to also offer a parcel delivery service, then post.

2.Your pasengers or shippers book and pay online

When a passenger books a seat with you, we’ll share their phone number in case you need to get in touch.

When someone books a parcel delivery service from you, we will share the contact information of both consignor and consignee in case you need to get in touch.

3. Travel together

Get to know new people, share stories, make your journey more eventful or just a quiet ride with other travellers.

4. Get your money

We’ll send you your money after the ride to the bank or PayPal account of your choice.

You’ll get your money 1-5 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) after we send it.